Betty: The New Chapter

Firstly, HI! HELLO! How are you?! It seems like so long ago that we hung out on here! And why might that be you ask?
Well, let’s start off with the news that Betty in magazine format will no longer be produced or in print. Whilst I loved producing the magazine with Charlotte Melling, we both decided that it was something we didn’t feel quite as passionately about as we once did. It was an amazing experience and, we feel, a great success. Seeing it distributed in over 14 countries around the globe is something we will be proud of forever. Charlotte and myself have decided to do a Gwen and Chris and we remain good friends, but have consciously uncoupled in a business capacity. So here I am, steering the good ship Betty solo - has anyone seen the manual?!

The magazine paid for itself, however it was never anything more than a hobby and I’ve always dreamt of Betty being more than that. After having a baby earlier this year, I spent some time thinking about what I truly wanted to spend my time doing. I love the community that you and I have built together and I want to continue sharing with you things I love. So here is phase one, the new Betty website - doesn’t she look good?!

Charlotte Jacklin.jpg
Charlotte Jacklin Suit.JPG

Here you will find three updates a week across the Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel sections. There will also be a weekly newsletter landing in your inbox with my favourite things from around the web. I will continue to champion inspirational women, places, all served with a heavy side of shopping and style. I will be introducing interviews about women doing it their way, I want to  draw upon my experience running Betty as a side project whilst working as a Digital Media Lecturer at UCA and LCF. The interviews will be a great place to discover career advice from a host of inspirational women, and for it to be a place to give you honest and practical advice. I’ve got some amazing interviews lined up, so watch this space.
Phase Two will be introduced early next year. I don’t know why I’ve started calling them phases by the way, it just sounds like I have a plan. There will be an exciting launch of Betty product; I’m looking at the initial designs right now AND OH THEY ARE SO GOOD.
 Alongside product, I will also be launching an online course sharing all my wisdom from my time in digital marketing teams at brands including Lulu Guinness, Paul Smith, Ben Sherman and others. The course will cover social media strategy, email marketing and digital content. I aim for it to educate and empower small businesses and individuals to be able to glide through the digital sphere with a little more confidence and ease.

LASTLY, I want to run more events. I loved The Girls Club meet ups; as yet, I am not sure exactly what I will be doing. But just know that I love hanging out IRL and 2018 will definitely see more of that.
As you can see, there is a lot going on. I have mentioned a podcast on Instagram stories, however let’s see if I have time for that. I should maybe play it cool and keep my cards closer to my chest, but I want you to know all about the plans I’ve been formulating, and writing them down makes it all feel very real and holds me more accountable, helping to actually bring them to life. And, as always, suggestions, input and general chats are always welcome, so feel free to email me and say hello!
Thank you for always sticking by me, you’re a truly incredible bunch. And if you’re new here HELLO. Either way, I am happy to have you in my little curated corner of the internet!


Floral suit Jacket | c/o Boden

Floral Suit Trousers | C/o Boden

Shoes | Topshop (similar here)


Photography | Fashion for Lunch