About Me

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HELLO! My name is Charlotte Jacklin and welcome to my blog. It features my favourite fashion finds, travel guides, and many of my current obsessions - including film, TV to interiors and food. My passions in life are wearing jumpsuits /midi dresses, discovering new places and anything floral related.

You may have seen me online as Betty Magazine. I co-founded and edited the magazine from 2011 and was known on the internet as ‘BettyMagazine’. The printed magazine was stocked in 15 countries around the world, and we had some wonderful years together. After having my daughter in 2017 my business partner and I decided to say goodbye to the psychical edition and part ways.

This is now my full time job, and I publish regular content on this very blog and my Instagram. I also co-host a podcast called The Fringe of It with Liv Purvis.

I live in Lincolnshire with my daughter June and boyfriend Jack, thank you for joining me here! If you would like to get in touch please contact me here, and or all work opportunities please visit this page here.