Inspirational Instagram Accounts

Remember the days of #FF / Follow Friday on Twitter? Well, I’ve decided I am bringing it back, however this time it’s all about who I am following on Instagram (sorry Twitter, I can be fickle at times). So without further ado, here are my current favourite creatives on the ‘gram:


Alana Jonesmann

Alana Jonesmann.jpg
Alana Jonesmann Cactus.jpg
Alana Jonesmann Pineapple.jpg

The queen of cakes! Honestly, what Alana can’t do with some buttercream icing and sponge just isn’t worth knowing. Her cakes are some of the most cheerful and original creations I’ve seen, and whilst I’m yet to cross the Atlantic to try one, I am sure they taste just as good as they look. Alana lives in sunny LA and has the most gorgeous pugs, making her stories worth a watch too.

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Motivational quotes in beautiful colour palettes. Each week creator Tessa Forrest shares a new graphic on her story to screen grab and use as your phone backdrop. Your very own pep talk that you can carry around in your pocket. You can also purchase her designs at her Society 6 shop here.

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Accidentally Wes Anderson


Ever stumble across a place that could be a location for a Wes Anderson film and you need to share it with the world? Then this account is for you. Wally Koval who curates it shares visually inspiring corners of the world and accompanies them with some good, honest facts too. This is my happy corner of the internet, enjoy.

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Jesse Chamberlin Marble


You’ve probably seen Jesse’s work before on DesignLoveFest, as her and founder Bri are a visual dream team. Jesse’s Instagram is an edit of all her work which features her colourful signature style of photography. You might also be interested (read: obsessed) with her wedding to her equally talented photographer husband Jimmy Marble - their joint account can be found

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Nicholas Scarpinato


My fifth and final person is also based in LA - clearly I am in need of some more light and sunshine now that autumn’s daylight savings have kicked in! I don’t know how Nicholas creates his colourful photographs, and I think if he shared his secrets with me he’d have to kill me (bit dramatic, I got all Bond there). However, for me, half the fun is marvelling at his camera trickery, and wondering exactly how it’s been done.

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