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I couldn’t launch the new site without a mention of podcasts. I feel like I discuss them daily: ‘which ones are you listening to, have you heard this one, I need a new one, oh yes I LOVED that one’.

I don’t think this will be my last podcast round-up, so don’t panic. This one is career-focused, as there is such a wealth of knowledge out there available for free, sometimes you just need to know where to look. Here are my top 5 that I get so much value from, and I’m sure you will too.


Sara Tasker  Hashtag Authentic

Sara Tasker

Hashtag Authentic

The Queen of Instagram. It’s fact, don’t try and dispute it, it’s carved out in stone somewhere on those beautiful hills of Yorkshire that you see in Sara’s feed. What’s even better about Sara is the way she shares her information so generously with her audience. Sara has approached many a taboo subject too, in particular both earnings and money, and been so honest about them. Subscribing to the mantra ‘Empowered Women, Empower Women’, knowledge is most definitely power and Sara covers topics such as how to stop playing small, avoiding the comparison trap, and writing your way to a book deal with Dolly Alderton (bringing back memories of a frank and honest discussion we had at The Girls Club event earlier this year). Listen to all previous episodes here. 


Janet Murray  Soulful PR

Janet Murray

Soulful PR

Janet wants to make PR more accessible for all. Her whole output is so generous and she shares so much valuable information on her website and through her emails. Janet is a bit of a podcast veteran - I am currently listening to episode 207, which is all about data protection. Sounds a little bit dull, you might say. Do you collect email addresses within your business? Do you know what the laws are about contacting these people with your marketing or product emails? Do you know what the new rules are for 2018? If you answered no to any of those questions, you need to listen to this! Janet’s covered nearly every topic you’ll need to launch and run a business, from working with influencers and journalists, to selling out events and writer’s block. A must for any independent business, listen here.

Lizzie Evans  How to Curate Your Life

Lizzie Evans

How to Curate Your Life


New from the wonderful Lizzie, owner of the beautiful design shop Smug in Islington, this ten part podcast delves into the hows and whys of independent business owners and how they manage it all or, as the streamline says, the ‘Work Life Balance for the Creative Entrepreneur’. We’ve started to see a big shift from the traditional 9-5 Monday to Friday jobs, to lots more people doing things their way, making it work for them and curating the life they want. I love what Lizzie says about working a Portfolio Career, how ‘staying inspired and taking care of yourself both physically and emotionally is crucial’. She covers mindfulness, rest and relaxation alongside the hustle, and how both need to exist to strike that work-life balance so many of us talk about. You can listen to my interview with Lizzie here, and discover the rest of her guests on iTunes.


Jess Lively  The Lively Show

Jess Lively

The Lively Show

This was probably the first ever podcast I discovered when I started listening to them around three years ago. I was looking for a way to break out of my 9-5 job and searching for what I really wanted to do. I found Jess’ podcast so inspirational. Jess talks about finding your values in your career, it’s really something I’ve found so helpful when carving out what I want to do. She has lots of wisdom and, alongside practical advice, this podcast digs deep and uplifts you. The interviews are very open and honest and, generally, I just enjoy Jess’ energy. I hope you like it too, listen here. 



Estée Lalonde  The Heart of It

Estée Lalonde

The Heart of It

This is not strictly career-focused, but life-focused, and that’s just as important. If you’re like me, it all blends into one beautiful mess anyway. From the moment I heard the pilot episode on ‘Protest’, I knew this was a podcast with a difference. Estée was going straight to ‘the heart of it’, of what I was thinking in my flat in Margate. It was so very timely. I’m sat listening to her episode entitled ‘Mom’ as I type, and have had to pause to finish writing this article, as the tears were stopping me from being able to see my screen clearly. There’s some really thought provoking subjects, and Estée is not scratching the surface, she’s diving in head first to really explore them. Here’s your new Canadian BFF in podcast form. Listen here. 

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