Favourites: Seven Podcasts I Currently Love

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Jack listens to them RELIGIOUSLY, I’m talking the second I walk out a room at home he’s pressed play on one of the many podcasts he’s dedicated to listening too, without hesitation. I feel like Ellis and Jon are living with us at times, being super slack housemates who pay no rent but fill the room with their *mostly* entertaining banter.

I’ve been listening to podcasts for a few years, but recently I feel like I GET IT, I get the bug to listening to them all day long. The other day whilst working I listened to four episodes in a row, and even in the car I reach straight for my podcast app (Acast is my app of choice) to listen to them instead of music. Sharing is caring, so thought I’d share my favourites with you here, I wrote an article on more business ones here, and I also get asked a lot about starting your own podcast, which I wrote about here.


On the Line

I loved Estée’s previous podcast ‘The Heart of It’, but all things must pass and this new podcast is SO GOOD. There’s something so relaxing about her interviewing style, and I really love the caller phone ins too. I spend a lot of time alone working, and this really has me talking back to whoever Estée has on the show, it feels informative but also stays on a really friendly level. Can’t get enough! My favourite episodes so far include the founder of Neom, Nicola Elliot, who’s slightly northern twang and the talk of commuting for work into London, and finding your self care routine really resonated with me. I also insist everyone listens to Lynn Enright who discusses everything I never knew about Vulvas and Vaginas - HONESTLY FASCINATING. The episode with Callie Thorpe, who I could listen too all day long, just radiates positivity and several good vibes. Also download the episode with skincare guru Anjali Mahto, and not forgetting the one with Estée’s mum!

Getting Curious with JVN

If you don’t know who Jonathan Van Ness is by now, then please get aquatinted with this wonderful human over on his Instagram. There are some big topics out there on the internet, and some I just don’t feel intelligent enough to even form an opinion, never mind discussing them. Sometimes you need to go right back to the start of a subject, and you need the history to delve deeper, and this is just what Jonathan does. He asks all the questions you’re asking in your mind, but maybe too shy to ask out loud, there’s a particular episode with Erin Brockovich that is honestly mind expanding. Alok shares their lived experience with existing outside the gender binary and he also interviews members of the Queer Eye cast and his mum (I love meeting people’s mums).

Under the Skin

I keep saying love or loathe Russel, but I really feel for some people he is like marmite. I don’t agree with some of his statements that he has made about parenting, and wish he’d seen that as an opportunity to break down gender stereotypes, BUT as I get older I realise that not everything is black and white. I don’t need to cancel someone based on a couple of interviews and really feel like he is doing a wonderful job with his podcast. You might not agree, but if you are looking for a podcast that connects to the soul, this is it for me. His episode with Brené Brown was one of the best 90 minutes of my life, Karamo Brown from Queer Eye also gets really deep and any time Jon Ronson opens his mouth it’s always worth a listen, and I’d also recommend listening to Jack Monroe discuss food and socialism. Lined up in my download list, is an interview with Kehinde Andrews discussing Black Power and White Psychosis, my mind is usually spinning in a good way after these episodes.

Off Menu

This is proper bubblegum for the brain, I do have my boyfriend to thank for introducing me to this one. If you don’t like food, you’re not going to love this, but I could listen to people talk about their favourite meals ALL DAY LONG. The concept is simple, Ed Gamble and James Acaster speak to people about their favourite Starter, Main Course and Desert which they would at their very magical restaurant. They’ve just started series two, which I hope brings some more exciting guests, my favourite ones to recommend are Scroobius Pip (who’s Distraction Pieces podcast is also great), Tom Kerridge and Grace Dent.

How to Fail

If you haven’t read Elizabeth Day’s book, How to Fail then what are you waiting for?! I love the premise of this podcast, we don’t seem to talk about our mishaps in life, but we all have them everyday. This podcast makes you feel a bit better about being human and there are some great guests. Phoebe Waller Bridge had me laughing out loud in the traffic near the Dartford Crossing, Pandora Sykes got me through a mammoth late night bedroom tidy and Otegha Uwagba saw me through another repetitive journey between Lincolnshire and Kent. Series 3 has just started and I can’t wait for a long car journey this weekend to listen.

The High Low

You probably already listen, but I just want to list it here, just incase you’re not. I like to play a game with myself, what’s the record number of minutes and seconds when I will need to reach for a thesaurus to translate a big word that Pandora or Dolly say. It’s usually around 7 minutes in, but I love them for it. They discuss current news items, don’t shy away from big topics and are also not afraid to have a balanced opinion which I find truly inspiring. I’ve been listening for a while, but I feel like something’s really happened lately where they’ve truly found their feet and I’m almost getting to the point where I start getting impatient waiting for the next episode. Good job ladies.

Desert Island Discs

I know you know this podcast, but sometimes I just forget that it exists, it’s such an institution that it’s kind of easy to just forget that it’s running along in the background of life like a well oiled machine. Sadly Kirsty Young has stepped down, but it’s been handed over to the capable hands of Lauren Laverne. I listened (ok fine, I cried) to Emily Eavis talk about how growing up around Glastonbury has impacted her life and career, Pat McGrath gave an insight to the old school glamour of the fashion industry and how she became the wonderful business empire that she is, and they’ve rereleased Mary Berry’s interview from 2012 (have tissues ready).

I think it’s worth noting individual episodes of podcasts that I’ve really loved too, Dolly Alderton talking to Stanley Tucci in her Love Stories series is honestly one of my favourite things ever. Katie Jane Hughes talking to her friend Jules Von Hepp in the wonderful Wobble made me love her even more and Scroobius Pip talking to Dexter Fletcher about directing Rocketman and Bohemian Rhapsody is still a firm favourite in this household.

I also co-host a podcast called The Fringe Of It with my wonderful friend Olivia Purvis, whilst we are currently taking a break whilst Liv writes an actual book you can catch up with our previous two series here. What podcasts do you love? I think I need at least a month’s holiday to catch up on my downloaded list. I would in particular love to hear more about the ones you love that are hosted by minority voices, and not just guests. Let me know in the comments!

Podcasts forever, who’s with me?!