Over Thirties Beauty: My Skincare Routine

Anything with an asterix * next to it means it is a press sample. I have worked with Origins, Fresh & Beauty Pie on paid partnerships within the last year. This article also contains some affiliate links, for more information on how they work, please visit my disclaimer page.

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Charlotte Jacklin Skincare.jpg

I have had so many requests for me to share my skincare routine, so here is a round up of what I am currently using. I want to start this piece by saying that whilst I do take care good care of my skin, and I can tell when I am not taking particularly good care of it, I do believe that genes play a big part in it all - a certain amount is definitely down to luck. The next thing I want to mention is I drink a lot of water, and I can instantly tell if I am dehydrated and equally notice the improvement in my skin the next day if I’ve been really good at downing pints (it’s the only way I can get such a big volume of water in me) of H20 the day before. Boring, it’s maybe not what you wanted to hear but you know by now I am nothing if not honest. And another thing to note, is that in the run up to the wedding I am currently getting monthly Environ facials (this is my 3rd month) with added LED treatment. And P.P.P.S. my skin is always going to look better on Instagram through a screen than IRL, pores and textures don’t show up as much.

Everything I know about skincare is because I love following Katie Jane Hughes, Caroline Hirons and Bambi Does Beauty for all their top skincare tips, if you’re looking for pro advice I would head to these ladies, I’m no expert, just someone who has experimented and found what works for me over the years. One of the best parts of having a small child and working from home is that, unless I am London for the day, I am taking my make-up off about 6.30pm every night. I sometimes dare myself to leave it on, but I’m 33 and know my skin will not thank me for it the next day, such a rebel right?!

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Pixi Double Cleanse.jpg

Evening Cleanse

I’ll start with the products I use in the evening, as this is when I tend to use the most, and when I have a bit more time to dedicate to my routine. I always, always double cleans, currently I’m using Dermalogica Pre Cleanse to take the majority of the make up off. An oil based cleanser really breaks down products such as mascara (thanks Estée Lalonde for that tip) and generally just feels really nice after a long day. I use a flannel, I have A LOT, so that I have enough to ensure I wash them, and hot water to remove it. Then I follow it up with Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish for the second cleanse. I’ll never forget the first time I tried this product in my friend’s flat in Highgate and was converted from make up wipes. I never looked back. That was some ten years ago now, I flit around with other products but often come back to this classic. When I am travelling I use the Pixi Double Cleanse* to save on space, this has an oil and creme in one pot. It’s also a really good product when you want something fragrance free, I will use this if I’m having a bad time of it skin wise to calm everything down.


Next up is the Pixi Glow Tonic, this takes away anything I might have missed from the previous step, which to be honest is barely anything. It also contains glycolic acid which gently exfoliates and cleans the skin. You can use this in the morning, but when using an acid in the AM you will need to use an SPF afterwards to protect your skin.

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Girl Undiscovered.jpg

Serum & Oils

After that I am ALLLLLLL about hydration. I used to just use one thing, and religiously stick to that, but now I listen to what my skin feels like it needs on that day. For example if I’ve been in London for the day I know that my skin needs a bit more hydration than it would on a normal day working at my desk…a skincare wardrobe if you will. I start with a serum, at the moment I am using the Beauty Pie Super Stem Cell Moisture Shot Serum, and I really notice the difference when I don’t use it. Next up is an oil, at the moment I love this Girl Face Elixir Oil. I won’t lie, after I spotted it on Liv’s blog, that packaging seduced me, and luckily Cult Beauty started stocking it. However it’s contents are just as good as the packaging, and all natural. It’s a light oil, so doesn’t feel too greasy or heavy, I’ve been using it for a couple of months and a little goes a long way. I’m also a big fan of the Aurelia Cell Repair Night Oil*, I first found out about Aurelia on a press trip to Thyme in the Cotswolds where their spa uses Aurelia products. I was lucky enough to have a facial using entirely Aurelia products, and I’d rank it as one of the best I’ve ever had. Then depending on how my skin feels I go all in Weleda Skin Food, if it wasn’t for KJH I wouldn’t have normally touched this product as it’s quite different in texture to anything I’ve ever used. I can only describe it as similar to nappy cream, its thick, it’s heavy and it works miracles. It’s a proper headband on, fringe scraped back kind of product, but if you are suffering from any kind of dry skin I’d recommend getting a tube of this and watch it work it’s sticky magic.


If my skin is feeling ok after the oil, I go in with Beauty Pie’s Japanfusion moisturiser, I did use the Plantastic one, but I find it’s not always rich enough for my skin. After all that tiring work, I go to bed and I’ll confess I sleep on a silk pillow case. My mum converted me, and I love the feeling of it and apparently it has skin benefits. I have this Slip one* and also rave about a silk scrunchie too, writing out this list makes me realise how set in my Princess ways I’ve got with age…!

Beauty Pie.jpg

Daytime Cleanse

In the morning I again see how my skin feels, if it feels great from the night before’s routine, I use the Elemis Peel Pads, if I feel it needs a wash, I use the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, my skin loves Dermalogica products. When I have run out of this, I get through two bottles a year, and don’t use it my skin gets very cross. It’s a powder and when rubbed together with water creates a paste. Warning if you live in a shared house keep it out the shower as many unidentified housemates have opened it to investigate and got water in the bottle which is a real pain and involves a complex radiator drying session.

Serum & Moisturiser

Then I’ll add a serum again, and moisturiser with an SPF like the Origins Plantscription* one, or if I’m using a moisturiser without like the Beauty Pie ones above, I’ll use an SPF before applying my make up, but I promise a whole separate make-up post in the next couple of weeks.

Elemis Peel Pads.jpg
Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant.jpg


My one ultimate beauty treat is a Fresh face masks. I used to dismiss face masks as something I didn’t have time for, but these Fresh ones are so quick and most of them just need five minutes on your skin before you start to feel their magic. My favourite is the Black Tea mask, it feels so good when you put it on your skin, the whipped up texture is super cold when you put it on and it softens my skin, giving it lovely glow.

Reusable Cotton Pads & Recycling

One thing I have started using recently, are reusable cotton pads, they are so much softer than disposable ones, I have a bag on my radiator that I put the used ones in and wash those along with my face cloths each week. I’ve started collecting my empties to drop off at an Origins store next time I am near as they are currently offering a free recycling programme for all bottles from any beauty brands.

Fresh Mask.jpg
Reusable Cotton Pads.jpg

I’ll keep you update you monthly with my new beauty finds as I’ve already started using some new products that aren’t listed here. And when I’ve lined all these up and added links, I’ve noted that aside from Beauty Pie and Weleda that is probably price wise, the very highest end of my beauty products. They do tend to last me a long time though, and I’ve built it up over a while. Also, although I've worked with them on a sponsored basis, don't forget you can still use my Beauty Pie code: BETTYSENTME to £50 increase on your monthly spending limit. For more info on how it works watch my Instagram video all about it.

Don't forget to let me know your favourite skincare products below, I would love to hear all about them.