Review: Grenson Nanette Boots

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Dedicating a whole blog post to a pair of boots might seem excessive but these kind of posts are what I love reading when considering investment pieces for my wardrobe. What is considered an investment purchase firstly? For me it’s something that I am going to wear time and time again, and be able to get that infamous price per wear right down. It will also need to cope with me wearing it repeatedly due to good production quality but also something if the time or situation called for it, I could also sell on and get a bit of money back. I’m in an incredibly privileged position, that investment purchases and these boots are even an option, as I continue {to} shop more mindfully {by buying less and buying better} - I understand that it {is} not the case for so many.

I used to be an impractical dresser, and in many ways still am, but I’m talking bare ankles, feet in ballet shoes in January kind of impractical. When I was younger it was aesthetic over everything, forgetting I probably looked ridiculous slopping around North London in the cold and rain, but in my mind I was the bees knees. The 60s look I used to rock in my early 20s, was anything but practical, beehives and false eyelashes everyday involved quite the dedicated routine. I’m now 33 and understand the almost smug like feeling of having a pair of boots like this, and a raincoat, younger me didn’t even wear a coat for a whole winter at secondary school - instead opting for a denim blue coloured jersey zip up vintage Levi’s top which looking back was completely ridiculous in Northern winters. But that’s what being a teenager is all about right, no rhyme or reason, and feeling very passionately about small things that at the time, mean the world. Anyway, long gone is that vintage Levi’s number, and whilst I’m still figuring out the ultimate winter coat, I have my boots SORTED.

I’ve been thinking about buying the ‘Grenson Nanette’ boots for a couple of years now, looking at my saved searches on eBay was becoming an obsession, nothing like an item being sold out to confirm how much you really wanted it in the first place. I don’t know if it’s to do with becoming a mum, but you can’t really avoid the elements. If your child needs a walk, or a play in the park, they aren’t really too bothered about what the weather forecast is saying. Yes I could wear wellies, but I don’t always have them with me, and aren’t don’t feel as safe on my feet. If you’ve ever got a wellie stuck in the mud at Glastonbury festival and you’ll know what I mean, plus toddlers thrive on being unpredictable.

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The Grenson Nanette boots are two hundred and seventy English pounds, which honestly is a bit of an eye watering price tag for me, but as my grandma used to say: buy cheap, buy twice. And I think she’s got a point, my early 30s have been spent slowly replacing all the cheaper, lower quality things I bought in my early 20s and investing in things that will last. It’s not to say a higher price tag, means great quality, but I’m not embarrassed to say that investing in some non-stick Tefal pans changed my cooking (and washing up) game when I finally took the plunge to buy them.

What is about the Nanette that is so great?! Well firstly they are made in a factory in Northamptonshire, and Grenson has been making shoes since 1866, so they know a thing or two about making robust footwear.

The second thing about them is they require virtually no wearing in, I’d heard this rumour on the grapevine but wasn’t sure if it was a bit of an urban legend. Turns out, the rumours were true. I initially ordered a UK 7, a size 40, they pinched across the widest part of my foot and after a few treads on the carpet knew an extra half a size would be best. Once I had the next half size up, with the 7.5, the pinching across my foot stopped, then I worried they’d be too big and stretch out (love to worry me), and so far it’s not been a problem. The best part about them is the weight, they are SO light, and when I think of chunky boots I think of them being heavy, getting blisters, wearing them in round the house and generally sore feet. I haven’t found this to be the case with the Nanette’s at all. Overall I’ve worn them way more than I thought I would, I think I forgot I lived in the UK and winter clothes aren’t necessarily reserved for the winter months. I’m going camping at the weekend (forecast is sunny) and I know I’ll have them glued to my feet for three days. I haven’t yet done a winter in them, so I guess this review is not 100% complete, but I can’t see there being any problems since it’s June and it’s not stopped raining for 48 hours.

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They other thing I did to make sure I got as much wear out of them as possible, was change up the laces. I wear the black ones that the boots come with, but I also have some ditsy Liberty print floral laces that Belle & May kindly sent me. I much prefer the boots with these laces in during Spring, and had them in since I got them in February, only just changing back to my black ones last weekend. In short, this is a mini love letter to my Nanette’s. They are definitely a purchase I have not regretted, and only got happier with over time. Is there an investment purchase in your wardrobe that you are glad you took the plunge with? Let me know in the comments below.

Boots were paid for but Belle & May laces were gifted, but once you check out their Etsy shop you’ll be in love.