Independent Brand Spotlight: Radish

My first independent brand feature is on UK designed Radish. Not only do I love this brand for the name, as I was obsessed with radishes when pregnant, but I love the ethos and inspiration behind it. 

Created in Hove, Sussex, Radish encapsulates everything about 60s and 70s fashion that I love. High collars, flattering cuts and bold prints. For the independent brand articles on the site, I decided it would be only honest to write about them if I sampled the designs and wore them myself as a size 14/16. I reached out and tried a few samples on, and have to say the quality is beautiful. The Elliot maxi made me feel like a rock star, the pink and lilac floral print is so vivid in real life. 

Charlotte Jacklin Betty Magazine.jpg
Lisa Piercy Radish Clothing.jpg

Lisa Piercy is the gal behind the brand, having graduated from Brighton university, Lisa went on to work for Natasha Khan from Bat for Lashes(style QUEEN). Sourcing the perfect outfits for her. Anyone that has helped Natasha Khan get ready knows a thing or two about vintage dresses, Lisa herself describes the brand as ‘spirited, fun and dreamy, with each dress representing a personality that can elevate a mood and inspire a day’ - I couldn’t have put it better myself. 

When designing Lisa is a big fan of the scrapbook, and I love her for that! I have a digital scrapbook on my desktop of 60s & 70s looks I love, and one day hope to magic in my wardrobe, but I think Radish is going to have me covered. I can’t wait to see what the next collection holds!  

My other favourite dresses in the New Wave collection, include the Goldie, Goldie Midi (it’s in the sale!), Mimi and Joan. If those dresses were people, I think you’d have a mighty good cocktail party on your hands. Dress them down with flats, up with heels, don a pair of tights and boots in the winter. Price per wear, I think you could definitely get your monies worth with these dresses. 

Goldie Dress Radish.jpg
Mimi Dress Radish Clothing.jpg
Joan Dress.jpg
Elliot Dress.jpg

Radish is just about to turn one, and if you want to see these beautiful dresses for yourself get down to The Hoxton Hotel on 23rd of June, where Radish, Studio B and Kind Jewellery will be offering 20% off. For more info, click here. 

And of course, you can shop the collection on the Radish website. 

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