Creating a Happy Place with Desenio

One of the questions I get asked the most on Instagram, asides from where I bought my mini hand steamer, is where I get hold of my posters and frames on the walls. And the answer is Desenio, a true hidden gem of affordable art work for your walls. 

I’ve rented rooms and houses for well over a decade. However it’s only in the past few years that I’ve moved on from blu tacking gig tickets and free posters from NME. Something about hanging posters in frames seems so much more grown up, and really creates a happy place for me. I don’t really know why I held off so long, in our current flat the quickest thing that’s turned it into our home, is hanging prints on the wall. And for anyone worried about damaging their walls, I’d highly recommend these command strips for hanging with no trace. 

desenio Charlotte Jacklin Bedroom Love.jpg

Picking art work for your house is so personal, what evokes feeling for me, might be totally different for you. That’s why I love Desenio, they have such a vast selection of prints, that there really is something for everyone. I’ve been lost (in the best possible way) on their site for hours, I'm already excited to have more wall space in the new house, as I've run out of space in our current flat for all my prints. 

desenio Charlotte Jacklin Bedroom Love LIFE 1.jpg

The Life Poster and the Love Flowers posters, can be found here. 

The prints next to my bed really inspire me, two of my favourite things combined: flowers & motivational quotes. I really do love life, so when I saw these I knew they were destined for the shopping bag. They have a really subtle gold foil on the type, which adds a bit of decadence to the boudoir if you will. There's so many botanical posters on Desenio, I really was stuck for choice.

In my office I chose these retro travel prints, sometimes when working it can be easy to procrastinate, these prints remind me that maybe I don't need that second cup of tea of the hour. I'm working hard to create a flexible life for my family and me, which involves lots of travel. Miami and California are top of the list for exploring, and I'm always wanting to take a trip to New York again! The blue is really calming, a quick glance at these and I'm ready to tackle whatever it is on my to do list. Take a look at the travel prints on Desenio, you won't be disappointed. 

desenio Charlotte Jacklin Office Hammer.jpg
desenio Charlotte Jacklin Office 2.jpg
desenio Charlotte Jacklin Office 1.jpg

The full selection of travel posters can be found here. 

The last print, I was so drawn too, and honestly have no idea why. It's quite simple in style for my usual taste. But once I'd seen it online I couldn't stop thinking about it. I love updating corners with stacks of colour co-ordinated books and plants, and this corner makes me feel so very calm - I'm really pleased with it!

desenio Charlotte Jacklin  bedroom.jpg

The Close poster can be found here. 

I'm so happy to be able to say that I have teamed up with Desenio for a special discount to all the Betty readers. The code “bettymagazine” gives 25% off posters* between May 15th and May 17th. Follow @desenio for more inspiration. 


*Except for frames and handpicked-/collaboration posters


This post is in paid sponsorship with Desenio, all opinions are always my own.