Corners of my Home

If you follow me over on Instagram stories you’ll watch me spend a lot of time sorting out my flat (it’s amazing how much room a small baby and her things take up). I thought a post rounding up the most commonly asked question about our little space by the sea would be fun to do.

Charlotte Jacklin At Home Margate.jpg
Charlotte Jacklin At Home Mirror.jpg

The living room has a definite pink and green theme, which wasn’t intentional, but after looking at these photos for a bit I think there’s no denying it. As we rent, a blank canvas of white makes it much easier to add our own stamp without committing too much. The furniture, such as the shelves in the recess, Jack built quite cheaply, much easier than trying to find something that fits exactly in the space. The thing I love the most about the flat is the amount of light there is. I spent many of my younger years renting places without enough natural daylight and if Kirsty and Phil came round, natural light would now definitely be on my essentials list. What’s on yours?

Hexagon Mirror 

This is a lot of mirror for your money - I use this phrase A LOT, replace the word mirror with whatever you want, and you’re good to go. I remember when I started looking for a little mirror to fill this space and couldn’t quite believe how much nice mirrors cost. For under £20 this M&S find is a bargain and really feels like it adds light and space to a dark corner, I’m thinking of getting a second rectangle one for the bedroom. 

Disco Ball 

My favourite favourite thing in our flat, and maybe the cheapest thing I’ve bought. This makes January anything but grey when the late afternoon sun hits, it turns any frown upside down. Put one up in your space, you won’t regret it, I promise!


Probably my most frequently asked question, I am sorry to disappoint you and tell you they were from H&M and are now sold out. H&M is a great place to bookmark for curtains though, they come un-hemmed which is perfect for our tall windows. They are also a good price point, if like me you rent and aren’t ready to commit to interiors scheme for the next ten years, you might say you get a lot of curtain for your money….

Peacock Chair

I’ve always wanted a Peacock chair, and I remember one drizzly January day last year when FINALLY my rattan chair dreams came true. I can’t remember exactly why Jack and me were walking around in the pouring rain, probably one of my pregnancy walks but I am glad we did. For £40, this beauty now sits in my favourite corner (with the disco ball above it). The sheepskin is a TK Maxx special, the House of Hackney cushion was from eBay, the pouffe (the daily arguments on the pronunciation of this continue) was a late night Tesco purchase. The rattan basket, which houses just a selection of June’s books, was found on the street outside our flat. Maybe I’ll rename this bargain corner?! 

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Trying to hide the fact you have a baby in an interiors sense is very difficult, my kitchen has been over taken and looks like a Tomee Tipee showroom, and it was only a matter of time before it crept into the lounge. I remember when a playing cards would keep June amused for an hour, not anymore. She comes with toys, and lots of them. Where to hide them I wondered, so far this Eliza Gran pom pom basket is doing the trick. I am under no illusion it’s going to get worse before it gets better, but it’s keeping us both happy for now. Find similar from Edit58 here. 

Roberts Radio 

I am obsessed with my radio, and I’ve had this Robert’s Digital radio for years. The radio is my everyday company from the second I wake up to go to sleep. I flit between Radio 2, 6Music, topped up with LOTS of Gold. I’d say my price per play must’ve brought this down to under a penny for sure. I also love the compact ones they do at a cheaper price. It was a purchase I ummmed and ahhhed about for a while but I’ve never regretted it. 


This was an engagement gift from a very dear friend and old housemate when we got engaged a few years back. At the time we were just about to go on our first solo holiday to Berlin together, hence the suitcases. Illustration is a very personal thing, and I love the style of this one, it encapsulates how we dressed at the time perfectly. Once June started crawling we thought it about time we actually commit to putting it up in our flat, and I’m so pleased we did! Etsy is the perfect place to find custom illustrations for yourself or a gift. 

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Charlotte Jacklin At Home Crossstitch.jpg
Charlotte Jacklin At Home Vinyl.jpg


I’m going to say it one last time, but if you want a lot of rug for your money head to La Redoute. I bought this just before June was born, and my main criteria was can it cope with a baby and all the cleaning it might require? The answer is yes. It’s coped brilliantly well with the wear and tear it receives. They have such a great selection, discover them here. 


I think half of Instagram have this cactus vase, I don’t care - I love it. I have the smaller one, and am saving for the HUUUUUUGE one. Lots of our plant pots are from garden centres, but my favourites are from This Way to The Circus. One by one I want to replace all the pots with Boe’s colourful hand painted ones. 

Knick- Knacks

Possibly my favourite word, and something I am actually not to buy anymore of as we are at capacity in our current home. This little corner brings me lots of joy, I love the gold and pink mix. These Oh Joy vases were kindly sent to me by an Instagram follower, and everyday I’m grateful for such nice people in this world. I love them! The rest of the bits are from my favourite, Anthropologie and the Terrarium is from Geo Fleur

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Charlotte Jacklin At Home XBox.jpg


Whilst I use the technology in our living room everyday, and it has so many benefits, I wouldn’t say it always fits with my dizzy interior aspirations. Compromises have definitely been made, and my main question is mainly ‘do they do it in white?’ Our TV seems way less threatening with a white frame around it, and the Xbox which I try to hide is actually really good for watching TV on the 500 (I might be exaggerating) apps we subscribe too. The Marshall speaker is something I use everyday, and as far as bluetooth speakers go, a very good-looking one. They do a similar version in cream, but it’s much deeper, I prefer the slimness of this one, as it makes it portable for camping and festivals (sorry that was my old life, but I can still dream!)

So there it is. Whilst it’s not my forever interior, I like the fact it’s flexible, cheerful and full of things I’ve collected over the years, each piece with a little story behind it. If you’re wondering what my dream interior looks like, head over to my Pinterest home board. Think House of Hackney, meets Dorothy Draper... minimal it is not. 

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