Face Off: The Perfect Insta Worthy Weekend DIY

I can’t tell you how long Jenny’s email has been sat in my inbox for. I knew from the second she emailed me that I wanted to work with her, however it was never quite the right time. Thankfully the new site is the perfect place for us to collaborate, and finally I can share with you her super-cool DIYs. Coming at you once a month, even the non-crafty folk amongst us (me) can add something unique to your home or wardrobe (wait until you see December’s DIY!). Without any further ado, take it away Jenny:

IMG_3653 copy.jpg

Though we’re heading into winter, the greenery trend shows no sign of stopping. If, like me, you can’t get enough Instagrammable plants in your living space, then this DIY is for you. There’s always room for another plant, amiright?
Making this cute face planter is super-easy and affordable. Follow this tutorial to spruce up one of your own plant pots or, if you’re on the lookout for a new addition (and let’s be honest, when aren’t we?) then head to IKEA for their great value range of pots in all sizes and colours. If you want to go bold, H&M has this golden wonder for only £8.99. I bought the duck egg pot at a local garden centre, but you can find a similar style from Trouva here.

 You’ll need:

 -  fine tip Sharpie
(for ceramic or porcelain pots, this pen will work perfectly, permanently making a mark without smudging or fading. You can get them in most supermarkets, or online here. You don’t have to stick to black - experiment with a metallic pen, or use pink and add some lips.)
 - a Plant
  (here I used a spider plant, but any ‘hair-like’ plant would look great, and you can’t ever go wrong with a good ol’ cactus.)
 - a Printer
 - a Pencil
 - Sellotape
 - Nail Scissors (optional)

How To

If you feel confident enough to draw your face freehand, go for it! For the less arty among you, I made you this handy template, which you can download here. If you need to, scale it to fit your pot.
Once printed, carefully cut-out the black eyes and mouth on your template.
Play around and position this on your pot. I kept this pretty central, mid-way down.

DIY face plant pot 1.jpg
DIY face plant pot 2.jpg

Secure the template in place with a small amount of Sellotape.

Lightly draw the eyes and mouth with your pencil. This pot was non-ceramic and the pencil marks could be removed with a rubber, so no sudden panic if you make a mistake.

DIY face plant pot 3.jpg
DIY face plant pot 4.jpg

Once you’re happy with your pencil outline, remove the template and carefully go over this with your pen. (The fine tip of the Sharpie makes this much easier and neater than with a larger marker.)

Leave to dry for 10 minutes, pop in your plant and voila!

DIY face plant pot 5.jpg

How easy was that? Thanks Jenny, I don’t know about you, but I think I’m going to have a whole squad of these before I know it! And if you decide to make this, tag @bettymagazine in your photos or #bettyDIY and I’ll share my favourites.

Photography | Jenny Brownlees