Book Review: Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls

I can’t even remember where I first saw this book, I just remember when I did thinking it was the coolest thing EVER. I immediately bought a few copies and distributed them amongst friends with young girls. However, after reading Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls, I would say it’s a good gift for both girls and boys of any age! I learnt so much from it, including the names of women I am ashamed to say I had never heard of before. This illustrated collection of 100 inspirational females is something I can’t wait to read with June (at the moment she only enjoys me reading books that have a rhythm to them). Each female gets a double page spread - one page with a succinct bio and, on the opposite page, an accompanying illustration from one of 60 female illustrators.

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The pages are filled with tales from mathematicians, politicians, activists, inventors, the impressive list of job titles goes on and on. Towards the back there is room for you to join these powerful women of history and write down your story, accompanying it by drawing your very own portrait.

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The duo behind the project are also inspirational women, or 'Rebel Girls'. Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo started working together in 2011. Their first joint project is now an award winning app for children, Timbuktu Magazine. Since then they have made 12 apps together, which all sit proudly in the app store under Timbuktu Labs. They've published 6 paper books in 3 different languages.

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When embarking on this project, they decided to address the imbalance of diverse female role models available on the book shelves of young girls, and Goodnight Rebel Girls was born. The original Kickstarter soared past their $40,000 target and wound up raising over $675,000. I love love love their Instagram too - at Halloween they did the best costume ideas from the book. And they also have a brilliant newsletter with a free eBook full of ideas on how to raise confident girls.

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A second book will be released later this month in the US, and in the UK on the 28th of Feb 2018, however you can get yours through their Kickstarter here. The first volume is currently available in 28 languages, with the intention of more languages being made available soon.

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