Hello 2019!

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Dear Diary…it feels like YEARS since I wrote a blog post like this. Maybe I have never actually done a true diary style entry online as this space has never really felt like mine. I’ve always been under the Betty umbrella and even when I changed things up last year it was still behind the veil of Betty. It felt safe, like a floral security blanket. If no-one liked me, at least it wasn’t truly me they didn’t like, it was Betty and it was much safer that way.

Something in me as I get older just can’t stop wanting me to live truthfully, and live authentically. Hence the big old change over on Instagram, I am now CHARLOTTE ‘NO MIDDLE NAME’ JACKLIN…actually I am just Charlotte Jacklin but using my actual name makes me feel like I’ve walked out my front door naked. But something in me just wouldn’t shut up about it, so change it I did, and I will also be saying goodbye to the Betty logo and rebranding slightly on here too, and do you know what? It feels GOOD. That inner voice has finally shut up, although I am sure she’ll find something to push me out of my comfort zone in a couple of weeks, because that is what she does. And I am grateful for her, I truly am. I am also grateful that this is now my full time job, when I get asked what I do by people I actually say ‘blogger & podcaster’ - and I don’t even stumble on saying the words out loud anymore. Hello world, this is me.

All this change has lead me to think about what I really want to be doing on my corner of the internet during 2019. Blogging is one thing I want to increase, weekly posts on whatever I fancy (and of course if you have a suggestion, feel free to comment below). I love love love Instagram, however I don’t like the fact I can’t go back and reference things I have discussed on stories or click through and look at adventures I’ve been on in one place. I have to scroll all the way back to 46 weeks ago, or sometimes in terms of stories it has been lost for good (pinned stories are something I am still remembering to use). I also want to pick my Monday Motivator email back up, it really trailed off towards the end of last year, for reasons I will share with you in next week’s email. If you would like to sign up, you can do so here.

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Whilst being freelance is something I have actively worked very hard towards over the past decade, and the thing I love about it is the freedom. Sometimes there’s too much freedom, which means chaos. I’m always kinda working, keeping one eye on Instagram or emails and that can be really frustrating for me and my relationships. Jack never quite knows if I am downing tools for the day and he has my full attention or if I’m going to run off and just be ‘ten minutes’ - which is always a minimum of half an hour. The nature of my job means I can’t always keep the same hours, but I’m going to try working to a loose timetable of working; Monday - Friday, and switching off at evenings and weekends. I think it will be good for us as a family and the quicker I learn that my to do list is never ever going to be completed, the better!

Sewing & Reading

Hobbies. Sounds like SUCH a January thing to say but I realised, due to lack of structure as discussed above that I don’t do much that isn’t work related. I never have any clear me time. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I set my sewing machine up in December and learning to sew is top of the hobby list. Second on the list is reading, I have let this slide so much since having June. I’ve heard it’s a common mum complaint, or general technology user problem in general. But I have SO MANY BOOKS I WANT TO READ. 2019 is going to see less scrolling and more page turning from me.


Since Jack went pescatarian in the summer, we’ve eaten so many new and fun things. However half way through winter after our 50th vegetarian curry/chilli, we just got stuck with what to have for dinner. I had a decade long mental recipe book that included chicken pie, and sausage bake (all Jamie Oliver naturally) that I can whip up with my eyes shut. One new recipe a week isn’t took much to ask is it?! Well we are trying it, in a bid to eat less bean chilli, because if we are going to be stuck indoors until March we really need to be farting less.

Second Hand Shopping

I rekindled my passion for eBay like it’s 2009. I am obsessed like a teenager again (just did some maths and I wasn’t even a teenager then, but let’s move on). I have scored some absolute finds on there of late. Including my Mark Cross Grace bag, which was just under £500, try to buy one new and you’re looking at least £1500. I also found some Loeffler Randal sandals I have been lusting after for a year which were £295, for £70. Just before Christmas I won (it really feels like winning) a Staud velvet pouch for less than half of it’s £250 price tag and a vintage leopard print coat for £65. Whilst these might not be considered steals, they are items I have had on my wish list for months, if not years and price per wear means they are a bargain to me. To offset this, I have been selling some of my clothes on eBay and on Depop, paying for all my second hand shopping. It’s a lovely feeling, selling few items and saving up for one item you know you’ll truly love. I used saved searches on eBay for items I’m searching for, and they contact you as soon as a new one is listed. At the moment I have saved searches for Orla Kiely dresses, Jennifer Behr headbands, and Carel Mary Janes. Rather than trawling the new in on ASOS, I’ve been trawling eBay instead, and I promise it’s a lot more satisfying. You’ll also see me creeping round Vestaire Collective and Depop too. Any more I should know about?!

Moving My Body

Moving everyday, sounds so simple right?! When I lived in London, 10,000 steps in a a day was easy, but times have changed and when your office is next to your bedroom some days I must barely clock up 1,000 steps. I’ve been adding the couch to 5k app and Youtube workouts to my routine, but for those rest days, and especially when June is at nursery, a walk to the supermarket or into town for some fresh air is now top of my to do list, along with showering and getting dressed. I know moving makes me feel better, it’s quite literally science, bring on the endorphins.


I’ve been going on and on about going to Scotland since I found out I was pregnant. I have some weird Macca fantasy I want to live out in the Scottish highlands, and this is the year I bloody well book it. I’m technically half Scottish, as my mum is Glaswegian, and I have a deep desire to go and see that breath taking scenery I remember driving through as a child. Also watching ‘What We Did on Our Holiday’ has nothing to do with it, at all...It does.

There it is, my 2019 goals. Work wise I want to keep doing more of the same, continue to work with brands ( I have a mini wish list, but hopefully what’s for me won’t pass me by). I also am attending a workshop all about starting your own fashion brand at the weekend, hopefully 2019 is the year I put that vision into motion. There’s an exciting product collaboration I’ll be launching in February, which feels like my first step in that direction, I’ll keep you posted. And as I keep saying everywhere, do not let the internet rush you, you do what feels right for you.

Thank you always for following and your support, you’re a lovely bunch.

Photos by Brick Dust & Glitter