AD: The Perfect Valentine's Day Film Night Celebration

This post is a paid post in collaboration with notonthehighstreet

Jack and I aren’t the most romantic of couples, however since June came along we’ve noticed a distinct reduction in the time we spend together just having fun and not parenting or working. Now we try to ring fence off time to enjoy each other’s company, as if you don’t do that it’s so easy to get roped into another load of washing or tidying up. Watching films is one of the first things I ever remember doing when we first met, and we’ve never really stopped. Whilst some might not consider it quality time, film nights are one of our favourite things to do. They are cheap, it doesn’t involve leaving the house or too much planning. Every now and again we take them to the next level and take the orchestrating of snacks very seriously, or theme the films we’re watching…told you we didn’t get out much. I’m so happy to be partnering with notonthehighstreet for Valentine’s Day, and to show you how we, as Tan France from Queer Eye would say, elevated film night.

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Monogrammed blanket, you might think excessive, I say essential. Jack and I have been arguing about this one brown blanket that was purchased in a petrol station, for far too many months now. Couples hey?! Well he is more than welcome to it, as I now have my own new green wool one with my initials embroidered on it. Take a look at the other colour options from Marquis & Dawe here.

If there’s one thing I love more than anything it’s buying new mugs, in fact I’m officially banned from purchasing anymore. The only way this one got in the house was under the pretence is that one of them was for Jack. I love these heart ones by Sophia Victoria Joy, you can personalise them with any name, and the heart is available in a few wonderful pastel shades. Also whilst you’re there check out her personalised enamel bowls for various snacks and treats. FYI this bowl of delight is filled with sweet and salted popcorn, with added chocolate making a great accompaniment to any film night!

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From chocolate fortune cookies, to chocolate ice creams, Choc on choc do the best novelty chocolate and this movie night combo is genius. There’s a chocolate clapperboard, ticket stubs and even chocolate popcorn. I’m also a bit in love with their chocolate matches too.

This Love Tokens card from Berylune is such a sweet idea, and can be filled in with anything your heart desires. Mine mainly involves an extra hour in bed, a promise of a night free of washing up and being able to pick the film…it’s the little things right?! All this I packaged up in a Oh Hello Beau personalised wooden box, these can all be customised with different shapes on the front and names too.

As we both have quite different tastes in films, sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge to find something we both want to watch. I could watch rom coms until the end of time and I have no doubt his top five films would just involve Star Wars (not the Phantom Menace though, that much I know). We went down memory lane, and compiled our top ten films that we loved watching together:

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1. A Star is Born

Jack watched it a for a second time whilst I wasn’t even at home, bet he sings to Shallow in the shower too.

2. Lego Movie

When I was first persuaded to watch this I thought I’d be breaking our no phone rule within ten minutes of it starting. Turns out it’s really funny and we’ve since been to the cinema to see The Lego Batman Movie too…

3. Rocky

Another film franchise he introduced me to, and I was subsequently HOOKED. I love Rocky, I even went into labour wearing a Rocky t-shirt…Eye of the Tiger is my motivational song #cliche

4. Harry Potter

We will happily watch any of the Harry Potter films over and over again. Although do be warned he is one of those people who says ‘that didn’t quite happen like that in the book’…

5. Saving Mr Banks

Turns out Jack loves a Disney film, it’s probably one of my favourite things about him. He grew up visiting Disney World in Florida (I know right) and this is one we’ve watched a few times along with Moana and Toy Story…any Disney goes in our house.

Bery Lune Card Not On The High Street.JPG

6. I, Tonya

Ok not sure how many times we could rewatch as it’s so tense, but the soundtrack is something we play on repeat. IT IS SO GOOD.

7. Boyhood

As Jack was a film student and also works in TV he wanted to watch this film from a technical point of view, and I loved it too. A truly brilliant piece of cinema that was filmed with the same cast over 12 years. GENIUS!

8. The Full Monty

We watched this again recently, and I think I stopped breathing from laughing too much. So much better when you’re old enough to actually understand the jokes.

9. The Men Who Stare At Goats

Some stuff I wouldn’t look at twice if I was choosing the film and this has to be one of them, but almost ten years old and I’ve never forgotten how good this film is.

10. Grand Budapest Hotel

Utter the word’s Wes Anderson as much as a whisper in this house and it’s going on, this is our joint favourite. Alone mine is Darjeeling Limited and Jack’s is Life Aquatic.

What is your favourite way to spend some quality time with your S.O. or someone else you love for Valentine’s Day? Also please feel free to leave some film recommendations below you think we might like.