Book Review: How to Tie a Headscarf

One day I was sat thinking about how I’d love to have a how to book for tying headscarves, I know there are videos on YouTube showing me how, but sometimes it’s the inspiration I lack to remember to go and look. Am I the only one? Anyway, I had this thought and two days later Liv Purvis told me about this book called ‘How to Tie a Headscarf, by Alice Tate’ - thank you universe! I purchased it immediately and called up my favourite hair gal Alice Lindsay and asked if she would come and try out some styles with me. We tried out lots of styles from the book, and I thought in this hot weather it seemed like the perfect time to share our three favourites.

How to Tie a Headscarf Alice Tate 1.JPG
How to Tie A Headscarf Book Alice Tate.JPG

The book contains ’30 simple and modern styles’, it also gives you the measurements of what scarf would be best and any other additions; such as hairspray or grips. Each style has clear steps, which have been photographed and text accompanying it for when you get stuck. As I’ll be honest I dived straight in following the photos first. 

The Ribbon Braid
This is the style that I’ve probably pinned to Pinterest a hundred times over without actually stopping to think how simple it is. This scarf is from a selection at Rixo.

Hair Scarf Plait 1.jpg
Hair Scarf Plait 3.jpg

Stament Chignon
This is the next step once you have mastered the Ribbon Braid above. It again looks way more complex than it is. The scarf is braided into the hair and then wrapped into a bun - perfect in this humidity. This scarf is from a selection at Liberty. 

Headscarf Liberty.jpg
Headscarf Liberty knot.jpg

Statement Bow
Not strictly how they show it in the book, but a scarf tied round a ponytail or top knot, and then in a bow is my favourite way to wear a scarf in the summer - and always gets so many compliments. This scarf is vintage travel scarf from Beyond Retro. 


Lots of people ask me where I get my scarves from, most are vintage and from Etsy, eBay, or charity shops. However there are some amazing ones from Silken Favours, & Other Stories, and Free People. How do you like to wear a scarf in your hair? I can’t wait to continue trying styles from the book, you can get hold of a copy here. 


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