Ad: Road Trippin' with Renault Clio

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Family road trips are one of favourite things to do together I love driving, I love making playlists, I love packing up a picnic, I love the freedom of the open road, I just love everything about it so when Renault got in touch and asked me to create content for their latest campaign with their Clio (GT Line) model I jumped at the chance. 

The iconic Renault Clio came out in 1990, I remember my brother in particular having an obsession with them, he had a limited edition Williams edition complete with gold wheels - it was his pride and joy. Whilst the latest Renault doesn’t have gold wheels, it does have a whole box of tricks that I look for in a car to make driving with a toddler as easy as can be. 

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First things first, there’s no CD player, I KNOW…I’ve been living in the dark ages. But what it does have is a USB that connects my phone and plays Spotify or any songs I have on my iPhone straight through the stereo. It also gives me all the artist information and I can skip back and forth using the wheel which means I am in charge of what we listen to, sorry Jack. It’s not all A Star is Born soundtrack though, podcasts for long drives are our mutual favourites, Mark Maron’s extensive back catalogue and the latest Ellis & John are current favourites for long road trips. 

Whilst we are discussing how far car technology has come, can we please discuss how James Bond I felt when I found out THE CAR LOCKS ITSELF. The fancier description for it is keyless entry, my mind was blown, and whilst we are discussing the key hats off for the designers at Renault for their card shaped key that is way more practical than an old fashion type. You know I love the finer details (is this an odd juncture to let you know I also loved the sound of the indicators?!)

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Since moving to Lincolnshire, we haven’t done too much exploring. Unpacking boxes and sorting have taken priority every weekend and we decided that we were well overdue some family fun time. I really wanted to take June to some places where I spent lots of time as a child. It’s really surreal whenever I go back to places I love with June but it makes me so happy to show them to her. 

Saturday’s stop was Cleethorpes, my hometown and where I lived for the first 16 years on this planet. Lots of people might think my first seaside love affair was Margate (where I lived for two years) but they’d be wrong, this is the kitsch coastal town that has my heart. As soon as you pull up to the beach, by train or car the iconic pier tells you that you’ve reached your destination and the snake slide on the beach is a comforting landmark that says home. 

Anyone that knows me, knows that I can be *quite* picky about my fish & chips, and let me tell you most people from Cleethorpes, the surrounding Grimsby and small towns are too. Firstly no cod, only Haddock is served round these parts, secondly mushy peas should be a shade of luminous green. If your visiting always head straight to Steeles, a local institution. All fish suppers are served with a round of bread and butter (to make chip butties with of course) and a pot of tea. Just how it should be. For more culinary delights, if you’re not full after that, then I suggest head straight to any of the kiosks and get yourself a bag of freshly fried donuts. My favourite. 

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On the Sunday, we took June to Grade II listed, Hartsholme Park which is closer to home in Lincoln. After going exploring the woods here with her, we are definitely going to make it a habit to return more often. I walked around here so much as a child, and was always promised a picnic ‘very soon’ - which often meant after a stroll around the park, which at that age felt like hours, but was probably only half an hour. It’s a really leafy country park and has the most beautiful spots of water, which at this time of year are beautiful with all the autumn leaves reflecting their vibrant colours. Essentials for a woodland walk are a flask of tea, lots of biscuits (June’s favourite) and my favourite tartan blanket to keep warm whilst we sit and enjoy them.

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Whilst I used to live in Lincoln for 5 or so years, I left nearly 10 years ago so embarrassingly I still need directions to get from A to B and luckily the Clio (GT Line) has me covered. I can enter anything from a landmark, to a street name or a specific postcode into the inbuilt sat nav and in a few seconds I have my route mapped out on the screen. I love technology! 

After this weekend we’ll definitely be planning more road trips in Lincolnshire to show June more spots where I spent my childhood. These spots include Hubbard’s Hills, Waltham Windmill and, maybe when she’s a bit older, for a round of crazy golf in Cleethorpes again. Thank you Renault for a nostalgic trip down memory lane. can I put this car on my Christmas wish list please?! 

Check out the Renault Clio for yourself. 

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