My New Christmas Traditions

Cauliflower cheese, untangling fairy lights, and Darlene Love playing all December long. Christmas is steeped in memories and traditions, and each family has their own magical, sometimes odd, festive ways. Christmas to me is about spending time with loved ones and letting real life melt away for a few days. This year will be June's first ever Christmas, and my first Christmas as a mum. I keep remembering I'm the parent now! It's time for my boyfriend and I to start festive traditions that my daughter will hopefully cherish for many years to come.

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First things first, we need to start with the tree, as this might be our last year of having a real one (small babies and shedding pines, is not a good mix), a Norwegian Spruce fills our flat with the most beautiful smell that will forever remind me of Christmas. As they did when I was younger, the decorations on our tree will tell a little story of times spent together as a family through the years. We just got back from a trip to Paris where we discovered the most beautiful shop which sold every Christmas bauble imaginable. From here we've picked some decorations for her first Christmas, and hung them alongside some we picked up at Disneyland Paris. Already the traditions have begun.

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In December I like to try and make the everyday special - light a few more candles at home, add fairy lights wherever I can for some twinkle, and drink a few too many hot chocolates. The community here spreads so much Christmas cheer around, Margate’s the perfect place for feeling festive.

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Christmas shopping is something I love to do, buying the perfect present for someone brings me so much joy! I have just as much fun planning how I am going to theme my wrapping each year - please tell me I’m not the only one? When I’m shopping, I also start planning my Christmas day outfit. This year I’ll be wearing a burgundy velvet dress and using my silver Poppy bag - at this time of year, I try to add silver and gold to my wardrobe whenever I can. The Poppy is my favourite bag, I like to detach the handle to make it a bit more party-ready, but I can fit all of June’s things that I need to have to hand inside and you wouldn’t know. It’s my Mary Poppins bag!  

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And last but not least is the big day itself. We will be spending it with my family at my parents’ house. Christmas Eve is for relaxing, watching Christmas films and last minute wrapping of presents. Christmas Day we like to make as stress-free as possible, as my mum and dad don’t get a lot of time off work at this time of year. December for them, like so many others, is their busiest time. I like to go for a walk in the morning, nothing too long, but it’s always so lovely saying hello to people you see on your way - everyone’s in such a happy mood.

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Christmas dinner probably looks different for every family, however in ours there is always cauliflower cheese on the table, mash AND roast potatoes, and an allocated amount of pigs in blankets (to avoid any *playful* arguments). After dinner or lunch, depending on which end of the country you’re from, expect lots of naps. Whilst we all love to get dressed up for lunch, there is a cut-off point where someone gives the nod and the change into pyjamas is acceptable for all. Let the snoozing commence!

This post is sponsored by Cambridge Satchel, who I have been a long time fan of. All opinions are my own.