How to Pull Off A Jumpsuit

Since having June in April, I have been addicted to jumpsuits. I think it was my realisation that whilst pregnant, I actually couldn’t pull off dungarees like Kirstie Alley in ‘Look Who’s Talking’. Having been an avid fan of the romper pre-baby, it was most upsetting to not be able to accommodate my extra large bump in them for the last four or five months. 

Once you’ve had a baby, I’ve found you spend a lot of time bending down and sat on the floor, making trousers a great option. Sadly, most trousers are off limits for me, as I’m still in my maternity jeans. Enter jumpsuits! They’ve become my new best friend. This beauty below is a CORD BERRY JUMPSUIT. It ticks so many of my boxes…

ASOS Cord Jumpsuit Stood Up.jpg
Finery Boots.jpg

However, if you’re unsure where to start, then hopefully my tips below will help:

1. Go Monochromatic - To make it look like you’ve made the extra effort, go tonal with your outfit and, rather than teaming it with black or your normal go-to colour, try to find matching hues from the same colour palette. I’ve gone berry mad and I don’t care who knows it. 

2. Shop Around - Jumpsuit shopping can be intimidating, but remember: not all jumpsuits are born equal. Don’t fear - just because one style of jumpsuit doesn’t accommodate your boobs/height/bum, it doesn’t mean your perfect match isn’t out there. Persevere, you will find each other. 

3. Style It Out - I have quite short legs, and arms for that matter. I’m alllll body, so I don’t underestimate the power of rolling up the sleeves and legs for my own take on things. If you are tall and struggle with getting the right length, jumpsuits often look good cropped and worn with ankle boots for a more seventies take on your silhouette. 

4. Belt It - If you feel your jumpsuit is a bit shapeless, pop a belt on to give you a more put together look. 

5. Be Brave - you can wear whatever you want, you don’t need my permission! As my favourite uncle used to say: ‘life’s not a dress rehearsal’, so grab that jumpsuit and hold your head up high. 

ASOS Cord Jumpsuit.jpg

Hat | Brixton Hats

Jumpsuit | ASOS

Rollneck | Inwear @ Agatha 

Boots | C/O Finery

Bag | C/O Cambridge Satchel Company

Necklace | Catbird

Catbird Necklace.jpg
Cambridge Satchel Poppy Bag.jpg

Photography | Fashion For Lunch