Current Favourite Brunch Spots in London

Brunch. If you want to know what our last meal on this earth would be, it would be brunch. We know it’s a bit vague but we really love every single element of this ritual, we’ve never met a brunch we didn’t like.

London really is spoiling us when it comes to places to choose for brunch right now, and often we get asked where our favourite places to eat are. So we decided that we’d round up our current favourites and share them with you.


Peruvian brunch? We didn’t quite know what to expect either, but what we did find was a hidden gem in a Marylebone basement. Pachamama has been open for a year and a half and why it’s taken us until now to visit we have no idea. The brunch menu features all kinds of delights from ceviche to baked eggs, however we suggest you focus your attention upon the waffle area of the menu (which is aptly called brunch menu of dreams). You start your selection by choosing between a sweet potato or quinoa base, then your next difficult decision is choosing between the three savoury and three sweet combinations. We promise you won’t have seen a better looking waffle in your life, and they taste just as good too. However we absolutely insist you order the Aubergine, smoked yoghurt, pecans, we really really insist. Dusted in five different spices, we don’t think we’ll accept aubergine served to us in any other way from now on, it really was like no other. Wash all this down with a few of Mama’s Pisco Sours and schedule in an afternoon nap to recover.

18 Thayer St, London W1U 3JY | Website



We had friends in town from LA (we can’t believe we just said that either), and we wanted to take them somewhere nice for brunch. Only problem is we’d left it too late and couldn’t find anywhere to reserve (read above about our attitude to queuing/spontaneity). London Bride recommended Blixen to us and now it’s one of our go to spot when we’re in East London on a weekend. Located inside an old bank, Blixen has a beautiful indoor garden, which is zen-like contrast to the hustle and bustle of Spitalfields market outside, the lampshades alone are worth a visit. They serve brunch until 2pm at the weekends, and start the lunch menu at midday, so it really has something for everyone.

65A Brushfield St, London E1 6AA | Website



You’ve probably been to Dishoom for dinner, but have you been for breakfast? Long ago the lovely Laura Jackson recommended their Bacon Naan to us on a breakfast date. We thought to ourselves how good can a bacon naan be…calm down. We are sorry we ever doubted it Laura. Now we find it very hard to pass a Dishoom without the urge to pop in for a bacon and egg naan, it really isn’t a habit we want to develop. We’ve made it our mission to take all our friends, one of these days we’ll try what everyone else is having as the The Big Bombay turns our heads every time, but we say if it ain’t broken don’t fix it.

Various Locations,  London | Website

We’ve got a whole host of other places we love to go for brunch. Watch this space for more brunch spots.

Where are your favourite spots for brunch?



Now we normally can’t stand going somewhere you can’t book, on principal. We’re not laid back enough to look nonchalant in a queue, we like to know where we are with a time and reservation. Just call us Larry David.

However M1lk in Balham is our one exception to this rule, we think we’d start queuing now for another taste of their burnt marshmallow buckwheat pancakes with plums. If we close our eyes we can still taste those candied walnuts, and edible flower petals that they sprinkled on top for good measure. Since you’ve waited patiently for your brunch, we’d also suggest ordering the Convict Muffin, which starts with an English muffin and then is piled high with drycure bacon, M. Moens & Sons sausage, a Burford brown egg, a hash brown and their infamous hangover sauce – all topped with a heavenly amount of grated Lincolnshire Poacher. Most unique brunch we’ve ever had, hands down.

P.S. We’ve not been but the same team behind M1lk also run Field Cafe in Clapham too. Worth adding to your list.

20 Bedford Hill, London SW12 9RG | Website


Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings

Not just a pretty decor, although WOW – what pretty decor it is! Any project the Bourne & Hollingsworth team get behind is always really beautifully presented, and this is no exception. The light and airy location in Clerkenwell, is complimented by clashing floral upholstery that would set many Pinterest boards aflutter. However more importantly they know what they are doing when it comes to brunch. We often daydream about the Huevos Benedictos (chorizo, avocado, béarnaise sauce, pico de gallo served on an english muffin), and the hollandaise potato hash. We’ve been back several times and it’s consistently good. You’ll be pleased to know you can book a table, making this a throughly civilised affair.

42 Northampton Rd, London EC1R 0HU | Website