Knit one, purl one. Your new favourite independent knitters.

Knitwear is my favourite, but not just any knitwear. It has to be the right kind - some knits make me shiver and recoil upon first touch. Too dry and itchy and I’ll run for the hills. Here's some gals who are going to keep you nice and warm this winter, I've also included a couple of places to get started if the knitting bug has bitten you too! 



Hades 3.jpg

Remember the band knits everyone had? The Slits, Patti Smith? Those were from British based knitwear brand Hades. I wondered where they were going to go from there, that was some first collection. I needn’t have worried though as Cassie, who is the lovely brains behind the brand, topped it when she introduced the Alphabet Collection earlier on this season. All handcrafted in Scotland, also check out the Inner Privacy Collection, which features hand embroidered emotions such as ‘Unrequited Love’ and ‘Melancholy’. Let your knitwear do the talking for you. Shop here.


The Knitter 

The Knitter Chunky Red Jumper.jpg
The Knitter Heart Jumper.jpg
The Knitter.jpg

Nicole Leybourne not only knits the world’s dreamiest knits, she’s also really witty in naming them too. Can I interest you in a Mr Ribbly? These knits are what your Pinterest dreams are made of. Based in New Zealand, Nicola promotes a sustainable, slower pace of life, that supports small communities. I love what she says on her website about how each garment is made ‘using century old methods, while keeping things happy and fun, the way life should be lived.’ Who would disagree with that?! Fall in love here. 


Yokoo Gibran

Yokoo Gibran 2.jpg
Yokoo Gibran 1.jpg
Yokoo Gibran.jpg

Based in Georgia, USA, Yokoo has been on the Betty radar for a while. We interviewed her... I actually can’t remember when, but I’ve been in love with her ever since. I recently ordered and took proud delivery of a Juno hat in the sweetest of pinks which, most importantly, keeps me SO warm with its chunky weave. I will be ordering another colour very soon. As well as chunky knit accessories, Yokoo has recently expanded her talents into patterned textiles, you can see these vibrant designs here.

Gold Freckles

Gold Freckles.jpg
Gold Freckles 1.jpg
Gold Freckles 2.jpg

Full disclosure, I didn’t stumble across Saskia Thomas, Liv Purvis told me about this gem one on Monday night. To cut a long story short, I went a tad hysterical, I haven’t been that giddy for a while... well, for at least 48 hours. The reason why is that I’d been looking for a chunky knitwear designer that is UK based for a while and this is exactly what I’d been dreaming of. Hand knitted in Wales, the Honey Bibi sweater and the Birdie jumper are high on my wish list. Actually, add the Honey Blossom cardigan to the list too... Ahhhh, who am I kidding - I want it all! Go and get giddy about Saskia’s designs here.

Wool and The Gang

Wool and the Gang.jpg
Wool And The Gang1.jpg
Wool And The Gang2.jpg

If this piece has inspired you to take up knitting, Wool and the Gang is the place to start. Knitting and weaving has been known to soothe and relax, so whilst you are making something cool for your wardrobe or home, you are also doing something good for your soul. Wool and the Gang have everything you need to get started, their website is full of information and has patterns in four difficulty categories. You can learn to make anything from a scarf to a sweater, or even a lampshade. As well as all the yarns and needles you might need, they also have a wealth of video resources for all your knitting FAQs too. Also, can we discuss these leopard print DIY socks that are made with magic yarn that self patterns?! Told you that this was the place to be! Get inspired here. 


Peas and Needles

Images by Sophie Careful

Peas And Needles 1.jpg
Peas and Needles Loom.jpg

Whilst I have never really stuck out a hobby, I think weaving is one I could fast get into. Last week at the event I tried my hand at weaving with my lovely teacher, Lucy. It was so relaxing and, most importantly, easy to pick up. I hate to admit it, but I am not very much of a try, try and try again kinda gal. I want instant results, otherwise I down tools and go make a cup of tea. Lucy mainly runs workshops, so if you are in the south you can find her next one here. However, you can also buy looms and wool to get you started direct from Peas and Needles here. It’ll be wall tapestries for every friend’s birthday, for at least the next year.