Christmas: Can’t Cook Won’t Cook

A couple of weeks ago we hinted about a secret Christmas mission we were on with Oasis. Today we are excited to reveal exactly what we got up to. As part of their Merry Mishapscampaign we had the challenge of creating the perfect Christmas dinner. A scenario that fills many of us with dread at this time of year: the thought of being responsible for cooking a whole meal and not burning it. Luckily our resident foodie, Alana Holloway, was on hand to share with you (and us) her top tips for putting together this most important meal. In the kitchen of a beautiful house in South West London, Alana showed us a few of her shortcuts and tricks to making the whole experience a walk in the park. We aren’t all whizzes in the kitchen but you might just find some hidden culinary talents after following Alana’s lead.


Head over to the Oasis website here to watch the full video and get our recipes and tips on how to recreate the perfect Christmas dinner, the stress-free way. (Plus there’s also a chance to win a Christmas dinner!)

P.S. In the next couple of weeks we will also be sharing some tips on dressing up your Christmas table and Alana will be popping in to tell us a bit more about her Christmas puddings.

LifestyleCharlotte Jacklin